2021-03-27: News Headlines

_____ (2021-03-27). Argentina Withdraws From Lima Group. popularresistance.org Argentina has withdrawn from the Lima Group of countries established in 2017 to push for regime change in Venezuela. | Buenos Aires withdrew symbolically on March 24 — the Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice, which commemorates victims of Argentina's "dirty war" on the anniversary of the 1976 coup d'etat. | It condemned the group's support for sanctions on Venezuela in the midst of a global pandemic and its treatment of the self-proclaimed Juan Guaido administration, a US-backed body with no territory, as Venezuela's representative within it.

_____ (2021-03-27). The War Of Hunger Is Taking Over From The War Of Guns. popularresistance.org Great dollops of hypocrisy invariably accompany expressions of concern by outside powers for the wellbeing of the Syrian people. But even by these low standards, a new record for self-serving dishonesty is being set by the Caesar Civilian Protection Act, the new US law imposing the harshest sanctions in the world on Syria and bringing millions of Syrians to the brink of famine. | Supposedly aimed at safeguarding ordinary Syrians from violent repression by President Bashar al-Assad, the law is given a humanitarian garnish by naming it after the Syrian military photographer who filmed and smuggled out of the countr…

Andrew Emett (2021-03-27). Court refuses reinstatement for ex-NYPD cop who killed Eric Garner. nationofchange.org "Today we provide the people of New York City an important tool for accountability when law enforcement violates their rights."

Heather Cox Richardson (2021-03-27). Voting rights IS democracy. nationofchange.org Democrats are talking about reforming the filibuster to keep Republicans from blocking the For the People Act.

Free RunningWolf (2021-03-27). OPD team framing Indigenous Elder RunningWolf for "hate crime" includes racist killer cop. indybay.org After five months, Indigenous Elder Zachary RunningWolf is still being held as a political prisoner due to OPD interference in Berkeley's 2020 Mayoral Election. Systemic racism and corruption in the prisons & courts have undermined RunningWolf's rights to a fair trial, while corporate media circulates lies and covers up Anti-Indigenous Genocide.

Ekkehard Basten, Manfred Lotze (2021-03-27). Corona: When will we ever understand? indybay.org The Corona measures of those currently in power are intended to prevent great calamity. They are used to justify the most severe restrictions on constitutional rights, the likes of which have not been seen since the end of World War II.

_____ (2021-03-27). Organizations Petition High Court Of Justice Demanding Vaccines For Palestinians. popularresistance.org Six Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations petitioned the High Court of Justice on Thursday demanding that Israel take immediate steps to ensure regular supply of vaccines to the Palestinian population under its occupation, control and influence, in the West Bank and Gaza. The petitioners also demand that the state transfer its surplus vaccines to the Palestinians immediately. | The petition was submitted by Adv. Adi Lustigman on behalf of Physicians for Human Rights Israel; HaMoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual; Al Mezan Center for Human Rights…