2022-12-24: News Headlines

Ben Norton (2022-12-24). UN experts: US sanctions violate Iranians' human rights. multipolarista.com Top United Nations experts wrote a letter to the United States government, emphasizing that its illegal unilateral sanctions on Iran violate the human rights of the Iranian people, calling for them to "be eased or lifted completely."

en.mehrnews (2022-12-24). Defending human rights not exist in foreign policy of West. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 24 (MNA) — The notion of defending human rights and the fight against terrorism doesn't have a place in the foreign policy of the Western powers, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister said.

en.mehrnews (2022-12-24). Suicide bomber detained in Iraq's Diyala. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 24 (MNA) — Iraqi security forces on Saturday identified and arreseted an ISIL terrorist who was going to carry out a suicide attack in Diyala province.

Noe Yeonkkoch (2022-12-24). Woman's Rights and Public Rape Crisis Disputes Nationalized in S. Korea. indybay.org

Seth Galinsky (2022-12-24). Iran protests for rights, against executions stoke gov't divisions. themilitant.com Organizing Council of Oil Contract Workers of IranWorkers in Ahvaz, in Iran's Khuzestan province, join Dec. 17 strike at seven oil complexes for higher wages, pensions, health care. Some unions have condemned gov't use of death penalty. | More than three months of daily protests are widening rifts between rival factions among Iran's capitalist rulers. The execution of two protesters, death sentences for 11 others and charges that carry the death penalty against six more have expanded demonstrations across the country and internationally. | In the face of these actions, at least two of the executions…

John Steele (2022-12-24). Communist League: 'Down with Canadian rulers' Emergencies Act'. themilitant.com MONTREAL — Six weeks of mandatory public hearings on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government imposition of the never-before-used Emergencies Act concluded Nov. 25. The act aimed to crush the three-week-long truckers' "Freedom Convoy" protest in Ottawa and at border-crossing bridges with the U.S. last February. It was convened by the Public Order Emergency Commission to determine if the government's assault against the rights of the truckers was legal under the law. Their report to Parliament is due by Feb. 20. | Over 75 witnesses appeared before the commission, including police, government minist…

ecns.cn (2022-12-23). China sanctions two U.S. individuals. ecns.cn China decided to take countermeasures and sanction two U.S. individuals in response to the U.S. sanctions against two Chinese officials on Dec. 9 over alleged human rights issues related to Tibet.

WSWS (2022-12-23). US death penalty report: More "botched" executions in 2022 as public support for death penalty nears record low. wsws.org Many executions in 2022 were "botched," with lethal injections exacting torture on many death row inmates. The Supreme Court has continued its role in supporting the overall constitutionality of the death penalty, in contrast to evolving public opinion against it.

Rosalind English (2022-12-23). Law Pod UK latest episode: The most significant cases of 2022. ukhumanrightsblog.com In our final episode of the year, Rosalind English, Lucy McCann and Jonathan Metzer discuss some of the most important judgments that have been handed down in the last twelve months. The recording of this episode took place a day before judgment was handed down in the "Rwanda case" ( R ((AAA) Syria and Ors) v …

_____ (2022-12-23). West Opposes Rest Of World In UN Votes For Fairer Economic System, Equality. popularresistance.org Most countries on Earth voted at the United Nations General Assembly to support a call for a new international economic order that is based on sovereign equality and cooperation, that rejects unilateral sanctions and advocates for debt relief for the Global South. | The only countries that opposed this widely popular proposal were the West and its allies. | The United States and its proxies were also the lone votes against common-sensical resolutions promoting sustainable development, biological diversity, and basic civil rights for Palestinians. Almost the entire world supported these proposals. Washington showe…

ecns.cn (2022-12-23). China sanctions two U.S. individuals over illegal U.S. sanctions on Tibet. ecns.cn Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday announced sanctions on Yu Maochun, known as Miles Yu in the U.S., and Todd Stein.

G. Dunkel (2022-12-23). SanctionsKill Coalition holds nationwide meetings. workers.org The U.S. and its imperialist allies — Germany, France and England, plus NATO — have grown ever more active these past few years in using broad sanctions as a tool in their quest to dominate the world. For the past three years, the SanctionsKill Campaign has tried to explain and . . . |

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