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2022-05-22: News Headlines

Jacob Andrewartha (2022-05-22). Climate change makes it mark on Australian elections. greenleft.org.au The defeat of the right-wing Scott Morrison Liberal-National government on May 21 indicates that people want change. The election result, which shows a strong mood to act on the climate crisis and inequality, shows the grassroots climate movement has and is having an impact. | At this stage it looks like the Labor party will form a minority government with the support of Greens and the so-called "teal" independents, who were elected in Liberal heartland seats on a climate action, refugee rights and feminist platform.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-05-21). Mali is Deprived of an Opportunity to Follow Policies Independent of the West. libya360.wordpress.com Vladimir Danilov Attempts by the inhabitants of the states of the African continent to throw off the shackles of modern neo-colonialism and pursue a policy independent of the West are being met with active resistance from the very same West. Another confirmation of this is the recent coup attempt thwarted by the authorities in Mali….

Anonymous Contributor (2022-05-21). Phoenix Anarchists Mobilize Against "WLM" Group and Fascists at Pro-Choice Abortion Rally. itsgoingdown.org Anarchists in so-called Phoenix, Arizona report on confronting both neo-Nazis organizing under the banner of 'White Lives Matter' and far-Right militias harassing pro-choice demonstrations. Every month since April 2021, the WLM "White Lives Matter" group which is active nationwide calls for a national day of action on specific dates. The group claims to promote only…

Renfrey Clarke (2022-05-21). Protesters say climate change is still the issue. greenleft.org.au On election eve, more than 50 people gathered on Rundle Mall for a snap protest against the Coalition government's inaction on climate change. Renfrey Clarke reports.

Suzanne James (2022-05-21). Deliverance: Voluntary Assisted Dying becomes law in NSW. greenleft.org.au After 50 years of advocacy and polls consistently showing up to 80% support, Voluntary Assisted Dying is finally to become law in NSW. Suzanne James reports.

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