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2022-05-24: News Headlines

KWORINOCO (2022-05-24). Esper Confirms US Was Aware of Saab's Diplomatic Status. orinocotribune.com Mark Esper's recently published book has cast light on the political agenda of former President Donald Trump and his administration's aggressive stance towards Venezuela and Alex Saab. | On multiple occasions and through countless documents, Venezuela has shown that Alex Saab had diplomatic status when he was detained on June 12, 2020, in Cape Verde. However, the US has insisted that this is false and that he was not carrying any documents which might have attested to his diplomatic status at the moment of his arrest. Of course, the US has not been able to explain how the Cape Verde media, through a police sourc…

Dave DeCamp (2022-05-24). US Mulls Sanctioning Countries That are Buying Russian Oil. news.antiwar.com As the US is looking for more ways to inflict damage on Russia's economy, the Biden administration The New York Times

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