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2021-08-22: News Headlines

Anthony Ravlich (2021-08-22). Ethical human rights are a Great Idea whose time has begun. indybay.org Not all countries want democracy. Rather than confrontation between a democratic coalition and totalitarianism it would be better if the superpowers, in particular, adopt ethical human rights.

Staff (2021-08-22). If California Governor Is Replaced With Republican, Senate Could Swing to GOP. truthout.org There's a good chance that California — a solidly blue state — will get a right-wing Republican governor as a result of the September 14 recall election. If Gov. Gavin Newsom is recalled, the health, civil rights and future of Californians — and people across the country — will be profoundly threatened. It is also possible that Newsom's defeat could change the balance of power in the U.S. Senate, since the next California governor may be in a position to appoint a sena…

_____ (2021-08-21). Keep The US Embassy In Kabul Open. popularresistance.org I was on the small U.S. Department of State team that reopened the U.S. Embassy in Kabul in December 2001 and strongly feel that if the U.S. really cares for the people of Afghanistan, it should keep the U.S. Embassy open. | History reveals that generally when U.S. military strategies don't work such as in Cuba (1959), Viet Nam (1975), Nicaragua (1979 and 2018), Iran (1979) and North Korea (1953), the U.S. closes embassies and wrecks havoc through brutal sanctions on the economies of the countries to have some sort of soul-soothing revenge for the politicians that put the U.S. in conflict with the countries. | I'

Susan Austin (2021-08-21). Australia must support Afghanistan now, protesters say. greenleft.org.au Hundreds joined a protest on Parliament House lawns calling for freedom for Afghanistan, women's rights, refugee rights and much more support the Afghani community here. Susan Austin reports.

Dave DeCamp (2021-08-21). US Coordinating With Allies to Block Taliban Recognition. news.antiwar.com The US is working with its allies on Since the Taliban took power, the US has frozen billions in Afghan funds. US officials are laying out conditions for what they want an Afghan government to look like, and if those conditions aren't met, Afghanistan would likely end up under heavy US economic sanctions. | Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke with EU officials and G7 ministers about Afghanista…

Dave DeCamp (2021-08-21). Biden Continues Hardline Cuba Policy. news.antiwar.com The US announced new sanctions on Cuban officials on Thursday as the Biden administration Thursday's sanctions marked the fourth round since anti-government protests took place in the country in July. The sanctions Considering Cuba has been under a US trade embargo for over…

Julia Conley (2021-08-21). Nearly half the world's children at 'extremely high risk' for facing effects of climate crisis, report finds. nationofchange.org "The climate crisis is a child rights crisis."

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