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2022-01-02: News Headlines

Chevy McBride (2022-01-02). Protest calls for MITA detainees to be released. greenleft.org.au A protest inside two compounds of the Broadmeadows Immigration Detention Centre (MITA North) at the end of December prompted a solidarity rally calling for the detainees to be released. Chevy McBride reports.

_____ (2022-01-02). What Were The Top BDS Victories Of 2021? popularresistance.org Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 was a year of accelerated boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigning, successful grassroots actions and significant legal victories for Palestinian rights.

Editor2 (2022-01-01). Balhaf: The Oil Port Where UAE Loots Yemen and Imprisons and Tortures Yemenis. orinocotribune.com By Ahmed Abdulkareem — Dec 21, 2021 | The UAE has not only prevented Yemenis from exporting their own natural gas from Balhaf and forcefully laid off hundreds of employees, it has converted the sprawling industrial complex into a private military camp and secret prison. | BALHAF, SHABWA, YEMEN — Al-Shabwani, a resident from Ateq city in Shabwa province who requested that only his nickname be used, told MintPress News that he was detained for months and tortured in a secret prison inside Balhaf. Since 2016, when the UAE first entered Yemen's most productive oil and gas areas in Shabwa, Abu Dhabi has car…

Austin C. McCoy (2022-01-01). 2022 Could Be the Year of Labor and Racial Justice Coalition-Building. truthout.org In 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. published Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?, in which he assessed the state of the civil rights movement after the passage of the Voting Rights Act. In it, he argued that the movement had reached a crossroads. After winning civil rights legislation, Dr. King

_____ (2022-01-01). January 2022: A Game Changing Moment Between Russia, America and the World. strategic-culture.org What Moscow is really asking for is to redraw the borders of influence between Russia and the West. | One of the most frequently asked questions about U.S.-Russian relations over the last few years has been "have we hit rock bottom?". No matter how bad things seem, about every six months a few Congressmen with questionable motivations come up with a new pack of sanctions or other threats to make the situation get just a bit worse. After many years of this it seems as though there is always room for relations to somehow plummet even further down the dank shaft they are in. However, Washington may have run out of i…

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