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2022-07-06: News Headlines

Dave DeCamp (2022-07-06). Finland Seizes Over 800 Russian Freight Cars Over EU Sanctions. news.antiwar.com Finland has seized nearly a thousand Russian freight cars as a result of EU sanctions, Reuters reported on Tuesday. After the EU sanctioned Russian coal in April, Finland's state-owned rail operator VR moved to reduce railway traffic from Russia. According to a June 6 letter from Russian Railways to the Ministry of Transport, 865 Russian …

Dave DeCamp (2022-07-06). In Paris, Israel's Lapid Says World 'Must Respond' to Iran's Nuclear Activity. news.antiwar.com Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid The Israeli leader accused Iran of violating the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA. But Tehran has not been bound by the agreement since the Trump administration withdrew from it in 2018 by reimposing sanctions on Iran. | "The facts are that Iran is violating the agreement and continues to develop its nuclear program," Lapid said at a joint press conference…

Reproductive Rights Watch (2022-07-06). Fast Action on Hearing Supreme Court Decision in San Jose. indybay.org On the day of the bad news, that Roe had been overturned, the South Bay was sad. Same day action found many in City Hall Plaza.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-07-06). Parlamento ecuatoriano crea Comisión de la Verdad sobre el Paro. telesurtv.net Con la participación de organizaciones de la sociedad civil y de derechos humanos, académicos y gremios profesionales.

Justine Medina (2022-07-06). La ira por el alboroto de la extrema derecha de la Corte Suprema debe impulsarnos a la acción. peoplesworld.org No apele su inocencia mientras está encarcelado, doblemente si es un inmigrante. Los estados están obligados a financiar las escuelas religiosas privadas. La policía no puede ser demandada por no leer sus derechos. Los estados no necesitan brindar atención médica que pueda exonerar a los presos. Ampliación de los derechos de portación de armas sin …

Brenda Norrell (2022-07-06). Genocide in Indian Country: Torture Experiments, Trafficking and Mining. indybay.org Censored News: Exposing the Genocide: Torture Experiments, Trafficking and Mining. Mohawk Mothers continue their case in Quebec Superior Court. Their case exposes the U.S. CIA torture experiments, as Mohawk Mothers demand a search for unmarked graves of their children at McGill University in Montreal.

____ (2022-07-06). Li: Strengthen protection of intellectual property rights. ecns.cn Staff promote intellectual property rights at a sock market in the city of Zhuji, East China's Zhejiang province, on April 26, 2021.In this way, greater contributions will be made in boosting entrepreneurship and innovation, promoting the sustained healthy development of the economy and improving people's well-being, he said.

TeleSUR, ldp, SH (2022-07-06). ONU denuncia la violación de DD.HH. por fuerzas ucranianas. telesurtv.net La titular de la oficina de DD.HH. de la ONU reconoció que las tropas ucranias han cometido violaciones de derechos importantes.

WSWS (2022-07-06). Multiple anti-police violence protesters imprisoned more than 36 hours after Akron, Ohio police riot. wsws.org One local resident whose child remained imprisoned reported that multiple Summit County judges refused to show up for work Wednesday morning, delaying scheduled arraignments.

____ (2022-07-05). UK to introduce new sanctions on Belarus, Russia media. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jul. 05 (MNA) — Britain said it would introduce new economic, trade and transport sanctions on Belarus on Tue. over its support for Russia's military operation in Ukraine and also sanctioned six Russians it said were spreading disinformation.

_____ (2022-07-05). American Gun Culture And Frontier Mythology. popularresistance.org In the wake of the Buffalo and Uvalde mass shootings, 70 percent of Republicans said it is more important to protect gun rights than to control gun violence, while 92 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of independents expressed the opposite view. | Just weeks after those mass shootings, Republicans and gun rights advocates hailed the Supreme Court ruling that invalidated New York state's gun permit law and declared that the Second Amendment guarantees a right to carry a handgun outside the home for self-defense. | Mayor Eric Adams, expressing his opposition to the ruling, suggested that the court's decision woul…

Anonymous103 (2022-07-05). Military Situation In The Black Sea Region On July 5, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org On July 4, an RC-135W (ZZ664) reconnaissance aircraft of the British Air Force took off from Waddington Air Base (Great Britain) and flew over the Black Sea; | 'To ensure the safety of navigation in the Black and Azov Seas, 2 corridors for ships have been created, the mine danger in the port of Mariupol has been completely eliminated,' Russian Defence Minister claimed; | On July 3, Turkey detained a Russian-flagged cargo ship near the port of Karasu and is investigating Uk…

Mike Walter (2022-07-05). The Heat: Effects of Russia sanctions. america.cgtn.com Economic sanctions against Russia appear to be backfiring around the world. Is this a good strategy to end the conflict in Ukraine?

Brett Wilkins (2022-07-05). Top US Nurses Union Urges Senators to Suspend Filibuster to Protect Abortion Rights. commondreams.org "Reproductive health services," says National Nurses United, are "fundamental to ensuring economic justice for women across the country."

Mark Gruenberg (2022-07-05). Only way to fix the Court is to dump Republican senators. peoplesworld.org The three Trump-named Republican justices—Amy Coney Barrett on Oct. 26, 2020, Brett Kavanaugh on Oct. 6, 2018 and Neil Gorsuch on April 7, 2017—swung the High Court into obliterating womens' constitutional rights to abortion and to control their own bodies. All were confirmed on virtual party-line votes: 52-48 for Barrett, 54-46 for Gorsuch and -48 …

Brett Wilkins (2022-07-05). GOP Senator Defends Guantánamo Bay Prison as 'Absolutely Vital Institution'. commondreams.org Sen. James Inhofe's comments come as congressional Democrats are reviving efforts to close the notorious U.S. military prison.

_____ (2022-07-05). Lawyers Speak Out On Supreme Court: 'This Is A Revelation Of The Future'. popularresistance.org The recent US Supreme Court rulings set legal precedents that will further erode human and civil rights and empower corporations as well as open the door for more cases that will advance Christian and capitalist ideologies. Clearing the FOG speaks with two legal experts, Shahid Buttar and Marjorie Cohn, about the specifics of the recent decisions on abortion, gun rights, school prayer, and the EPA and how they fit into the bigger picture. They also provide guidance on what we need to do to stop growing fascism in the United States.

_____ (2022-07-05). Mumia: Unjustly Imprisoned For 40 Years. popularresistance.org Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – On July 3 people in Philadelphia and dozens of other cities across the U.S. and around the globe marked the 40th anniversary of the unlawful and unjust imprisonment of Pennsylvania political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, including 29 years on death row. Now imprisoned for life in the general population, Abu-Jamal is still fighting for exoneration. | In Philadelphia activists gathered at the Municipal Services Building across from City Hall. Until June 2020, a hated statue of racist former Philadelphia Mayor and police chief Frank Rizzo stood on the plaza.

Gloria Rubac (2022-07-05). Houston stands for Mumia during 40-for-40 events. workers.org Joining supporters of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, Houston activists participated in the 40 Cities for 40 Years events by dropping banners over a busy freeway during 5 p.m. traffic as workers were leaving downtown Friday, July 1. Credit: Gloria Rubec They held giant signs reading "Mumia Abu-Jamal is Innocent! Freedom . . . |

Peoples Dispatch (2022-07-05). Daily Round-up | Protests over deteriorating economic situation across Libya & other stories. peoplesdispatch.org In today's episode, we bring you stories from the protests in Libya, the anger over the killing of a Black man in the US, the death of a Palestinian prisoner, and the latest in Chile's constitutional process.

WSWS (2022-07-05). Prisoners in Haiti's Les Cayes National Penitentiary being starved to death. wsws.org Horrific footage from the Les Cayes Penitentary publicized in a tweet by HaitiInfoProj shows multiple prisoners in an advanced state of starvation.

Brett Wilkins (2022-07-05). DOJ Sues to Prevent Arizona's 'Onerous' Proof of Citizenship Voting Law. commondreams.org Assistant U.S. Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke said the law "constitutes a textbook violation of the National Voter Registration Act."

Staff (2022-07-05). National synergy can neutralize unlawful sanctions. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jul. 05 (MNA) — Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Bahadori Jahromi said on Tuesday that the synergy of countless national capacities could neutralize unlawful sanctions.

Jeffrey C. Isaac (2022-07-05). Susan B. Anthony Was Rolling Over in Her Grave This July 4th. commondreams.org The great suffragist would surely be appalled by the Dobbs ruling and the radical logic behind it, which repudiates a century of progress in human rights and democracy.

Staff (2022-07-05). Neighborhood policy neutralized US sanctions. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jul. 05 (MNA) — A year into his administration, Iranian President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi succeeded in diversifying Iran's foreign policy options through the nascent neighborhood policy he set out last year.

Staff (2022-07-05). Inside out of American human rights. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jul. 05 (MNA) — The US which always boasts about being the advocator of human rights has turned out to be the main violator of the human rights of countless civilians in the world.

Staff (2022-07-05). Belgian Parl to review bill on exchanging prisoners with Iran. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jul. 05 (MNA) — Media have reported that the Belgian Parliament is set to review a bill on the extraditionof convicts with Iran on Tuesday, which can facilitate a prisoner swap between the two countries.

Rep. Ron Paul (2022-07-05). Foreign Policy Fail: Biden's Sanctions Are a Windfall for Russia! globalresearch.ca

Peter Maiden (2022-07-05). Abortion Rights Rally in Fresno June 28. indybay.org People protested the anti-abortion Supreme Court decision at Fresno City Hall on Tuesday, June 28.

Amarynth (2022-07-04). Human Rights: the United States and Western Style. thesaker.is By Mansoureh Tajik for the Saker Blog The United States of America and its European posse regularly make allegations of human rights abuses against any nation that opposes their policies…

Editor (2022-07-04). There Is Only One Thing Left to Do With the Supreme Court. scheerpost.com [ By Regardless of anyone's views on abortion, the Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs v. Jackson took away a reproductive right that a half-century of hard-fought judicial precedent had determined was constitutionally protected. | In doing so, the court set a dangerous precedent — that a person's rights can be taken away. | Overturning Roe v. Wade was a triumph of p…

Fight Back (2022-07-04). California: Boyle Heights rallies for reproductive rights. fightbacknews.org Los Angeles, CA – On June 30, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization-Los Angeles (FRSO-LA), along with Centro Community Service Organization (Centro CSO), rallied for reproductive rights in Boyle Heights. This event, held at Mariachi Plaza, was called as a response rally to the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Young community members came out to listen to speakers from FRSO and Centro CSO who expressed how this decision will impact women, gender fluid people, and anyone who can become pregnant. | The attendees angrily chanted, "Que queremos? Opción! Cuando? Ahora!" along with "What do we want?

Fight Back (2022-07-04). Hundreds march in Tampa in defense of reproductive rights, Roe v. Wade. fightbacknews.org Tampa, FL – Over 250 people marched on July 2, in downtown Tampa from Curtis Hixon Park to City Hall in protest of the Supreme Court's Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, which overturned a person's constitutional right to an abortion as determined by Roe v. Wade. Speakers called it a slap in the face of all women and people who can get pregnant, taking to the streets with their demands. They demanded a reversal of this ruling and federal protections for women's rights, reproductive rights, and the right to get a safe, legal abortion. | Many groups were represented among the speakers, such as the Tampa Bay Co…

Fight Back (2022-07-04). U of MN students, community demand more abortion clinics. fightbacknews.org Minneapolis, MN – On July 2, over 100 people marched across the University of Minnesota campus calling for the opening and funding of abortion clinics across the state. | The protest, organized by the University of Minnesota Twin Cities chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), was called after the declaration of Minnesota as a sanctuary state for abortion services in the Midwest, despite there only being eight clinics total in the state. Additionally, SDS called for the University of Minnesota to open abortion clinics on all of its campuses, as reportedly the university had run an abortion clinic in th…

____ (2022-07-04). Is Participating in the Sanctions against Russia a Cultural Matter? transcend.org The currently emerging Cold War is not in terms of political alliances but a cultural one, a conflict between the old West, the former colonists, that is gradually losing its dominance and the newly emerging economic and political powers, many of which are former colonies. Thus, the Western reaction is neocolonialist.

____ (2022-07-04). Fifteen Years of Gaza Blockade: Open the Doors of Our Prison Now. transcend.org 24 Jun 2022 – They will keep us imprisoned on this strip, and continue to slowly suffocate us for another 15 or even 150 years if the world does not wake up and say 'enough'.

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